AGRESO Vietnam, established in 2019, has since become a leading company in the field of agriculture in Vietnam. We focus on research and development in traditional farming, as well as technology and innovation to deliver superior-quality products.

Our extensive product portfolio encompasses a diverse range of agriculture, including Spices (pepper, cassia, star anise, ginger); coffee, tea, desiccated coconut and rice.

AGRESO Vietnam provides tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We take great pride in our robust global client network, spanning more than 50 countries. Our customer-centric approach and commitment to cultivating long-lasting relationships have established our reputation for delivering exceptional customer service.

AGRESO Vietnam constantly strives to promote sustainable development, aiming for progress not only in the business field but also in minimizing adverse environmental impacts. AGRESO Vietnam is steadfast in its commitment to excellence across the board.


AGRESO Vietnam aims to become a leading global manufacturer in the agricultural sector by delivering high-quality products and services and focusing on sustainable development.


AGRESO Vietnam is dedicated to providing high-quality products that offer optimal benefits to our customers. We constantly strive to enhance product value to elevate Vietnamese brands in the global market.


Our values reflect our decication to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation and continous improvement.


Credibility is prioritized. We ensure that our actions and commitments are trustworthy. We build and maintain strong relationships with our clients and partners through transparency and reliability.


Integrity is the foundation of our work ethics. We adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards in all our business activities, fostering a culture of honesty and accountability.


Quality is non-negotiable. We are dedicated to delivering products and services of the highest quality, continuously improving our processes to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Creativity is our driving force. We constantly innovate and seek new solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients, striving for excellence in all aspects of our work.


Humanity is at the heart of our approach. We value the well-being of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. Our actions are guided by compassion and responsibility.


We are in every step of the supply chain

We’re Farmers

With us, farmers are the root, the greensowing of the agricultural supply chain.Farmer’s dedication ensures a reliable food supply. By embracing sustainable practices, farmers contribute to a resilient and environmentally conscious food system, vital for meeting the demands of a growing global population.
In AGRESO, we are both farmer’s and famer’s friends that aim to build a happy community!

We ‘re Suppliers

We have vast global network of farmers. Most are small holders in emerging market, so we have experienced teams on the ground all year round to support them

We’re Manufacturers

With our processing and manufacturing facilities located in Gia Lai, Phu Tho, Can Thơ and Ben Tre, we transform raw materials into bespoke ingredients and manufacturing blocks.
Safety, quality, efficiency and the environment are cornerstones of our processes. We have facilities close to production and customer markets, facilitating trading, creating employment and reducing our carbon footprint.

We’re an Employer

We are agronomists, analysts, ginners, quality assurers, traders and many more besides. We take pride in creating solutions and innovating throughout the supply chain.


Agreso was officially launched.
Focusing on farming and R&D


Joining in Supply chain


Just in a short time, Agreso’s impact has grown. Its commitment to sustainable agriculture resonated with consumers, retailers, and other participants in the agricultural value chain.