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About Agreso

Agreso is a company that develops sustainable agricultural solutions. We also aim to practice social responsibility as well as develop good products to bring prosperity and happiness to the community.

Ginger is one of the flagship products of the Agreso company. Our products have been exported to many countries around the world and are highly appreciated for their quality and customer care services.

Agreso is committed to providing high quality products through rigorous production control starting from planting, harvesting, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and delivering. We have also been provided with certificates of good farming practices and good production by prestigious international and domestic organizations (Global gap, HACCP, GMP).

With the following values, we are confident to be a reputable, reliable partner to accompany your esteemed company:

Vietnamese fresh ginger harvesting

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Agreso supplies fresh ginger to Supermarkets, companies that produce jam, confectionery, essences, beer, and tea.
Supply capacity is 10,000 tons of fresh ginger per year, we can supply ginger year round. In addition, we are also a reputable pickled sushi ginger producer with a capacity of 5000-10,000 tons / year. Our products are exported to the world as well as for domestic customers.

Pickled Sushi Ginger

Fresh Ginger

We are committed to good farming practices, good production and social ethical responsibility in agricultural development.
Here are the standards we have certified.

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