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Global Ginger Market Update – Havest, Production Import / Export Trend

Global Ginger Market

1. Ginger Harvest Calendar Below is the seasonality of Ginger in some biggest market: Source: The ginger harvest season in China is normally begins when the end of autumn and winter arrives, Peru ginger is harvest from June / July. While in South East Asia, Thailand ginger start to harvesting in end of Dec. […]

Fresh Ginger Processing – Everything importer need to know about Vietnamese ginger

Vietnamese fresh ginger harvesting

Ginger is a flowering plant grown for its edible underground stem which is widely used as a spice and medicine and originated in Southeast Asia. Ginger is brown, with a corky outer layer and pale-yellow scented center. It is a tropical plant that grows best in warm and sunny climates in a deep but well […]

Top 10 Fresh Ginger Exporting Countries in 2020 – Market Overview

Top 10 Fresh Ginger Exporting Countries in 2020

Export Overview of Top 10 Countries See the export trend of top 10 fresh ginger exporting countries that have the highest export values. The export value in 2020 for top 3 countries were US$ 419.3m for China, US$ 150.56m for Netherlands and US$ 109.6m for Peru. Top 3 countries by export values in 2020 ( […]